Hello. I’m Daryl and here I’ll try to tell you a bit about this page and also myself.

Who Killed Lemmy Caution? is an arts and culture blog that will be looking at areas including literature, music, film, philosophy, and various forms of fine or performing arts. It’s meant to be omnivorous in nature, and there are really no strict rules as to what will and won’t be included. A rule of thumb, if you must have one, is “stuff I’m interested in”. That means that it will be covering news, opinions, et cetera, about artists that align with my interests, which should become clearer over time. (Also, see below.) Being based in Singapore, I will of course also try to spend a significant portion of my time here looking at culture and the arts in Singapore. This current version is really a testbed of sorts where I’ll try to work out what works for the site (and for me) and what doesn’t. When I get a better feel for these things, I’ll try to host the site somewhere else. It is also currently an individual effort but I foresee other contributors in the future. (Or at least, I’m praying very hard for them.)

As for me, I’m currently a student at the National University of Singapore. I’m completing my Honours degree in Bioengineering. I read in English and Chinese. I may also possess pidgin forms of various other languages depending on lunar orbit. My main areas of interest in literature are European and Latin American literature, thoughI try to read here, there, and everywhere. Writers I adore include José Saramago, Samuel Beckett, Arthur Rimbaud, Julio Cortázar, and Kōbō Abe. But of course there are too many, too many of them and we don’t really want to be here all day. The same goes for musicians I like; so let’s keep it simple and start with Charles Mingus, Radiohead, the Beatles, and David Bowie. I love movies too. I tend to go for the psychological and the surreal, so the foundations of my diet comprise of the likes of Ingmar Bergman, Jean-Luc Godard, David Lynch, and Mamoru Oshii.

Today my hobbies appear to be photography and chess. They usually are photography and chess. On very rare days, it also include a spot of design. I’m terrible at most of these things, which is why they are hobbies. If you try to talk technical with me as far as photography is concerned, you will embarrass me very greatly and expose me for all my ignorance. If you try to talk chess with me, you will also find that I have a terrible chess brain and am even worse as far as chess history goes. And let’s not get started about design.

I love yoghurt. I also love 生煎包. I love fine teas. You can bribe me easily with these things. I also love playing video games and reading comic books. There used to be a time when I would be ashamed to admit to these things, but I will defend them quite gladly now. Among other things, I love animals as well, particularly pandas (red and giant), whales, tapirs, chameleons, sloths, and cats big and small. Someone once told me that it’s very bad form to admit to playing favourites with my animal likes, so I guess I shouldn’t have said that.

I write as well, and am trying to get published in the near future, foreseeable future, any future at all.

I also have a personal blog over here.



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