Rojak: Landays, tennis, and secret illusions.

Rojak is a regular collection of assorted links as well as a bulletin summarising the week (or thereabouts) on this blog.


“I’m tired of praising exotic flowers./I miss Sangin’s gardens; they were poor but ours.” Landays: Poetry of Afghan Women. [via Poetry Foundation]

Arcade Fire will release their new album on 29 October. [via Pitchfork]

Something on Yoko Ono. [via The New Yorker]

PEN Award shortlists includes the very excellent The Smoke of Distant Fires by Eduardo Chirinos from Open Letter. [via Three Percent]

Sebald’s Rousseau. [via Vertigo]

Geoff Dyer writes briefly about Andy Murray. [via The Guardian]

The essayification of everything? [via The New York Times]

And finally…

[via YouTube]


This week:



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