The Ethics of Photojournalism.

Photojournalists bear witness at the front line of human experience. But when does photojournalism become exploitative? On the Granta Podcast this week we bring you a recording of an art salon at the Hospital Club London, which featured a presentation of ‘Julie’, a photo essay by Darcy Padilla featured in Granta 122: Betrayal and a dramatic reading of an extract of Padilla’s journal about her work. Granta artistic director Michael Salu, photographer Afshin Dehkordi (BBC, artistic consultant to the Brighton Photo Fringe and festival director of Bread & Roses Centennial) and Daniel Campbell Blight (writer, curator and talks assistant at the Photographers’ Gallery) then explored the relationship between subject and photographer, the cultural and social significance of controversial imagery and the responsibility the media should take when selecting images for publication.

Granta has a podcast on the ethics of photojournalism. [via Granta]




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