Rojak: Robert Graves.

Rojak is a regular collection of assorted links as well as a bulletin summarising the week (or thereabouts) on this blog.


There’s a new Atoms For Peace video, which features Thom Yorke and the exceptional Fukiko Takase dancing to “Ingenue”. [via YouTube]

David Bowie’s The Next Day is (has been?) streaming off of iTunes. [via Consequence of Sound]

Meanwhile, the early reviews all tend to seem a bit… too gushing. Like this one. [via The Telegraph] I haven’t heard the album, but we’ll see!

Meanwhile, Van Dyke Parks is also making a return with Songs Cycled. [via Pitchfork]

David Mitchell and Keiko Yoshida translate Naoki Higadashi’s account of autism. [via The Guardian]

Here is an interview with Lars Iyer. [via The Quarterly Conversation]

Some famous graves. [via The Guardian]


I have a new type of regular feature, For Your Consideration, which is basically a things-you-might-consider-trying-this-month type of article. Picks of the month, if you will.




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