Rojak: Sorry for being a bit late!

Rojak is a regular collection of assorted links as well as a bulletin summarising the week (or thereabouts) on this blog.

Here is a slightly oversized edition of Rojak to make up for it. It’s been a busy weekend.


Magic Slim has died. [via Pitchfork]

Maurice Blanchot has been dead for 10 years. [via A Piece of Monologue]It’s the week of Atoms For Peace, so here you can catch a video of Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich performing some songs. [via Consequence of Sound]

Also, Thom Yorke on what he’s learnt. [via Esquire]

Semi-related: Ether Teeth remixes Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower”. [via I Guess I’m Floating]

Review of a Yannis Ritsos volume in English. [via The Guardian]

Here’s a new Jimi Hendrix song. [via Consequence of Sound]

Here is (randomly) a list that features books that rewrite history. [via Publishers Weekly] On a side note, this reminds me that I ought to get to The Arcades Project.

On the Lars Iyer novels, including the latest, Exodus. [via The Millions]

Puzzles to mark Lego’s 55th birthday. [via The Telegraph]


This week:



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