Rojak: Super Bumper Edition.

Rojak is a regular collection of assorted links as well as a bulletin summarising the week (or thereabouts) on this blog.


Novellas (novellae?) to read. [via Conversational Reading]

Postcard from David Foster Wallace. [via Guernica]

Should writers learn math? [via The New Yorker] As an engineer, I believe I’m sufficiently equipped.

Penguin and Random House to merge. [via The Guardian]

On Herbert Marcuse. [via Numéro Cinq]

A bit on Guy Davenport. [via Time’s Flow Stemmed]

Christopher Owens of Girls fame will release his solo debut, Lysandre, in January. [via Consequence of Sound]

Rumour has it that the Atoms For Peace new album will also arrive in January. [via Pitchfork] These two releases will make January a really big music month for me.

You can also catch the B-side to the “Default” single, “What the Eyeballs Did” here. [via YouTube]

Ultraísta have a new video, “small dayzz”. [via YouTube]

They were also on David Letterman, playing “smalltalk”. [via YouTube]

There is an Alice Munro short story here. [via The Guardian]

Sigur Rós in the Antarctica? [via Consequence of Sound]

Alex Ross quotes Rubén Darío. [via Alex Ross]

Finally, it’s quiz time again! [via Hark! A Vagrant]


Notable in these past two weeks:



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