How Lionel Shriver writes.

Load latest chapter. Acceptable to reread what Self wrote yesterday, at most to reread from beginning of chapter; let’s get into character, as Samuel L would say. Acceptable to make small changes on reread, reminding Self that all text is liquid, and reassuring Self that even if text sucks now text will not necessarily suck later. But DO NOT LOOK AT EARLIER CHAPTERS. Do not pour through thousands of words searching for whatever Self called some character’s yappy dog several chapters back. First drafts rely on MOMENTUM. Refining adjectives does not count as work. Solving what-does-she-say-next and why-would-he-do-that, or making daily effort to construct at least one paragraph justifying stupid book’s existence – one paragraph other people might conceivably want to read in sloshing sea of unnecessary, look-at-me prose in which whole world is drowning – this is work.

More in the link. [via The Guardian]



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