Morning after.

Today I woke up to check my feed reader and it was basically full of Nobel news. Here’s a bunch of links that might be helpful for people interested in knowing a bit more about newly-minted laureate Mo Yan:

This is from 2011, but I think this is a useful introduction to Mo Yan. [via NEH]

They also have an interview with him running as the feature article here. [via NEH]

The New Yorker is interested in the political side of things and China’s pursuit of a Nobel laureate for the literature prize. [via The Book Bench]

It also pointed me to this article about Gao Xingjian. [via The China Beat]

The Guardian reports on the celebrations in China. [via The Guardian] (I’m not sure it’s at all correct to refer to him  as “Mo”. It’s also slightly amusing to me.)

There’s a list of Mo Yan’s books available in English over at Three Percent, which you might find convenient. [via Three Percent]

There’s also the usual an-American-didn’t-win stuff, including this one from Jason Farago. [via The Guardian]

Okay, normal service resumes tomorrow.



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