Chinta screening.

Chinta is the oldest surviving feature film from Singapore which serves as a prime example of the synthesis between Indian cinema’s melodramatic and musical tropes and Malay culture within Singapore’s golden age of cinema. The stunning Siput Serawak stars as Chinta, a girl brought up in an idyllic coastal village, unaware of her true identity as the daughter of the neighbouring Indrapura royal family who were ousted during a coup. The film follows her as her love for Sanchi, a stranger washed ashore from a shipwreck who is actually the current king of Indrapura, is pitted against her obligation to revenge her family.

The National Museum will have a screening of Chinta, Singapore’s oldest surviving feature film, next week at 8p.m. on 11 October (Thursday). It is directed by B. S. Rajhans and features music by Zubir Said.

[Tickets via SISTIC]



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