Omnivore: School is bad.

Omnivore is a regular report on some of the things that I’ve been enjoying during the week (or thereabouts).

I’m realising that this semester, everything that I’m reading outside of schoolwork is not sticking. It just breezes past me, in a way. Sure, I’ve read things that I really liked, revisited books that I love, but not quite with the same… commitment or investment as I normally would. I’m blaming this on school. Too many things to read and far too many things to keep track of.

That said, school is still good for you. Stay in school, kids.

I’m reading Anne Carson’s Decreation right now. I’m going real slow. Not entirely by choice. I think I might pick a different book for next week and leave this at the halfway mark for the time being. That might spark me back into life.



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