With Peter Blake.

“The first year was all life drawing,” he recalls. “But from the beginning of the second year I decided to make art that was about the life of a young working-class man and the things that interest him.” In his case that was wrestling, pin-up girls and circuses. His preoccupations overlapped with those of the Independent Group of artists and critics at the ICA, which included Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi, though the term Pop Art had yet to be coined – a task that fell, famously, to the critic Lawrence Alloway. “I was telling Lawrence that I wanted to make art that a teenage girl would appreciate in the same way she enjoyed an Elvis record. He said, ‘You mean a sort of pop art?’ ”

So that’s how the concept that defined an era came into being?

“That’s one version of how it happened,” says Blake. “I’m sure there are others.”

The Telegraph speaks to Peter Blake, the artist arguably most famous for providing the cover to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. [via The Telegraph]



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