Clarice Lispector Roundtable.

I think one of the more fascinating and profound common factors, or threads is Lispector’s peculiar brand of silence as a crucial ingredient to both structure and plot in her works, especially the novels. There are many interesting treatises of the significance and intentions behind the discourse of silence in Lispector’s canon. In Near to the Wild Heart there is purported to be an “annihilation of intimacy,” and, allegedly, an abiding theme is the destruction for the capacity for silence. A particularly telling quote is “Lispector’s work acts as a model for a heterosexual relationship where the characters participate in a complex form of intimacy, fueled by silence.” Silence and intimacy resolve into a cradle for the “ethics of the intimate”—a sort of male/female reciprocity ensues. Some attention has been made of the themes of “interiority of self” and “silence and intimacy” in the context of a struggle between self and love as a mediator of desire.

With Barbara Epler, Benjamin Moser, and David Randall. [via The Quarterly Conversation]



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