Interview with Margaret Carson.

And throughout the project, it was a real joy to work with Sergio Chejfec.  As I said, Sergio spent an enormous amount of time answering my questions, either in emails or in person.  I don’t think he ever imagined his novel would be subject to the kind of microscopic scrutiny it underwent.  I asked him once about what it was like to be translated and he said it was like a parable by Kafka; he had to offer his explanation to the Guardian of the Other Language so that the door would open.  If that was the case, I loved my Kafkaesque role in this endeavor!

The response to My Two Worlds has been amazing.  It’s the first translation I’ve done that’s made a perceptible ripple.  Chad Post and the staff at Open Letter Books have done an exceptional job at getting the novel out there to the right readers, and it’s a thrill for me to read reviews or commentaries that quote from the translation itself.

Three Percent is pointing to an interview with Margaret Carson that has quite a bit about translating Sergio Chejfec’s work. [Interview, via Three Percent]



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