Omnivore: Modeselektor.

Omnivore is a regular report on some of the things that I’ve been enjoying during the week (or thereabouts).

Some addenda to last week’s report, where I listed down a bunch of books I placed an order for:

I just added three more and a birthday present (half a year ahead of time!). The three are:

  • The Future is not Ours, edited by Diego Trelles Paz, Open Letter (Preorder)
  • The Canvas, Benjamin Stein, Open Letter (Preorder)
  • Antigonick, Sophokles, translated by Anne Carson, art by Bianca Stone, Bloodaxe Books (Preorder)

I have to admit that I feel guilty about the Anne Carson book because I was about to support the good people at New Directions, but this I think being the more “international” edition turned out cheaper, which is in line with my poor student’s lifestyle.That said, I have no idea how these things work, and maybe they’ll still get money. They look like exactly the same book from the descriptions, though.

Also, on my radio this week is the Modeselektor album from last year, Monkeytown.

[via YouTube]



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