Wisława Szymborska, 1923-2011.

Wisława Szymborska has died at the age of 88.

An obituary over at the Telegraph. [via The Telegraph]

Despite six decades of writing, Szymborska had less than 400 poems published.

Asked why, she once said: “There is a trash bin in my room. A poem written in the evening is read again in the morning. It does not always survive.”




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2 responses to “Wisława Szymborska, 1923-2011.

  1. Robin

    Wisława Szymborska

    Here lies an author (of a handful of verse)
    as outdated as the comma. The magnanimous earth
    granted her eternal peace, though the corpse
    belonged to no literary corps.
    Yet what graces the tombstone is equally poor –
    scarce some burdock, an owl and two rhyming quatrains.
    Oh, passer-by, take from your case your electronic brain
    and ponder a while on the fate of Szymborska.

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