Chris Andrews on César Aira and Varamo

But if you’re right, and people are thinking hard about his premises, some of those people are bound to find them uncongenial or unsound, because, as you say, they’re bizarre. In a way, Aira’s writing is designed to have detractors, at least for a start, and they won’t all be bad or unsophisticated readers (although I think they’ll be missing out). If his books met with no resistance, that would mean that they weren’t upsetting accepted standards for judgement and setting new ones, which is what they’ve done in Argentina, where Aira is a strong pole of attraction and repulsion. If the debate doesn’t happen in North America, that might tell us something interesting about the segmentation of the reading public there.

I placed my preorder for César Aira’s Varamo a couple of days ago (along with three other books, I’m pleased to say). Looking forward to it. Hit the link to read translator extraordinaire Chris Andrews talking about it. [via Center for the art of Translation]



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