Omnivore: Wishlist.

Instead of telling you what I have read or watched or listened to this week, I’m going to talk quickly about what 2012 in literature holds in store for me in terms of new releases.

I was just doing up my wishlist on the website that I use and here are some forthcoming new releases that I will be looking to acquire in 2012 (in no particular order):

  • Sátántangó, László Krasznahorkai
  • The Land at the End of the World, António Lobo Antunes
  • Almost Never, Daniel Sada
  • Varamo, César Aira
  • Dublinesque, Enrique Vila-Matas
  • Zona, Geoff Dyer
  • Monsieur Pain, Roberto Bolaño
  • Antwerp, Roberto Bolaño
  • Blue Nights, Joan Didion
  • Dead Man Upright, Derek Raymond
  • The Planets, Sergio Chejfec
  • My First Suicide, Jerzy Pilch

Most of these are just new translations of much older works (Dyer, Didion, and Derek Raymond being the exceptions). Some of them were released in the past couple of years in expensive hardcover editions that were too much for this poor student to afford, so these paperback releases are greeted with much welcome. And one of these (Derek Raymond) is simply a re-release with a nice cover, as far as I can tell. Which suits me just fine.

The one I’m probably looking forward to the most is Dublinesque, since Vila-Matas is probably my favourite living writer. (But as they say, here comes a new challenger, and Krasznahorkai is fast climbing the ranks.)

2012 looks like a brilliant year in literature. For me anyway.


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