My Two Worlds review.

Scott Esposito has an enjoyable review of Sergio Chejfec’s My Two Worlds over at the Critical Flame. [via The Critical Flame]


Although Chejfec experiences several instances of miscommunication with fellow humans in My Two Worlds, this one with animals is of a different character entirely. He goes beyond the boundaries of normal adult interaction; he treats these animals as one might a child, yet he is also threatened by them as an adult never would be by a child. This mundane void so commonly overlooked – the constant gaze of animals into our daily lives (matched in its ubiquity only by the unceasing gaze of the state) – is here made palpable by Chejfec in all its impossibility. It sits uneasily alongside the other subjectivities that dominate our daily lives – of the past and of other humans – to which we of course feel more entitled to supply answers. Chejfec does attempt to penetrate all of these subjectivities throughout My Two Worlds, but the purposely provisional, ironic nature of these depictions indicates that deep down Chejfec knows that they are all finally impossible to discern.



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