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Interview with Sergio Chejfec.

Guernica interviews Sergio Chejfec, whose book My Two Worlds has recently been published by Open Letter. [via Conversational Reading]

Reading the interview, it sounds like a really difficult book, but in a good way. I am tempted to place an order for it right now because of that.

An excerpt:

Novels with a “thesis” don’t interest me. They just don’t—novels that want to “show” something, that want to “argue” something specific. I don’t read novels that are looking to convince me of anything. I believe that literature needs to be a machine of illusions. What’s more, in this case, in the case of My Two Worlds—the walk is a trope that permits the illusion of superficiality, the illusion that the narrator is exposed to, and is thus experiencing, all sorts of things on the surface. But then must interpret them then in flux with his own impressions, illusions, emotions. Motives.

Full interview in the link. [via Guernica]



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