Rojak: Metadadaism.

Rojak is a regular collection of assorted links as well as a bulletin summarising the week (or thereabouts) on this blog.


New Leonard Cohen album, Old Ideas, incoming. [via Pitchfork]

“For us undergraduate Derrideans, the writing had the effect of waking us up, putting us on edge. Later, we rediscovered the virtue of a simple sentence, but we were never again as we were.” [via The Book Bench]

Talkng to James Frey. [via Esquire]

A rather inspiring stories for writers and writers-to-be. [via The Paris Review]

Did I mention that the Goodman Arts Centre website is up? [via Goodman Arts Centre]

“In January 2006 a friend and I exchanged a number of amusing emails that resulted in the invention of a new art movement we called metadadaism. Intended as affectionate satire on contemporary art, at the core of metadadaism was a fictional exhibition titled Nothing — an empty art gallery.” [via The Guardian]

A reuinon picture for The Princess Bride. [via Kotaku]

Slavoj Žižek the actor. [via The Guardian]




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