Rojak: Anomalous

Rojak is a regular collection of assorted links as well as a bulletin summarising the week (or thereabouts) on this blog.


An interesting online publication: “Anomalous Press launched in March of 2011 as a non-profit press dedicated to the diffusion of writing in the forms it can take. Its backbone is an editorial collective from different backgrounds and geographies that keep an eye out for compelling projects that, in any number of ways, challenge expectations of what writing and reading should be.” [via Anomalous Press]

Alex Ross briefly on Radiohead. [via Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise]

A useful list of literary criticism. [via Time’s Flow Stemmed]

The Decemberists are to release an EP, somewhat cutely titled Long Live the King. [via Consequence of Sound]

I can’t speak like a Beatnik, but if you can and do so when no one’s looking (or when everyone is), then October 7 is Talk Like A Beat Day. [via The Guardian]

The Infinite Monkey Theorem (infinite monkeys with infinite time will type out Shakespeare’s works on typewriters eventually) is about to be virtually proven. [via The Telegraph]

Having done their 6-hour song, the Flaming Lips now are looking at a 24-hour song. [via Conequence of Sound]




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