Happy new release day, Girls.

The new Girls LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, is out today. Here’s a review. [via Pitchfork]


Indeed, so much about Owens’ lyrical outlook, from how he uses shopworn imagery to the disarming simplicity of his declarations, conveys the sense of a child feeling around, discovering for the first time things we all found and absorbed years ago. So when he sings “My love is like a river/ She just keeps on rolling on” and “Lay my burden down by the river’s edge” in “Love Like a River”, it sounds like someone starting from the simplest conventions of the pop song and working inward to see if life actually functions the way that the songs tell us it does. Not since Jonathan Richman has there been a songwriter so willing to convey honest and deep feelings through the most basic pop syntax, and Owens also shares Richman’s desire to use familiar song forms to get these essential messages across.



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