Ingmar Bergman and Die Hard

Did Ingmar Bergman ever watch Die Hard? It’s a question I asked myself this Friday when I was browsing the great Swedish director’s library. I was one of a number of journalists attending Bergman Week, a series of events dedicated to the director, on Fårö, the remote Baltic island where Bergman lived from the early 1960s until his death in 2007. For a Bergman fan like myself, a visit to Fårö is a kind of pilgrimage (which would no doubt rankle with the avowedly unbelieving film-maker). It also throws up fascinating insights into his private and working life. On a visit to his home, while I was hardly surprised to see the complete works of Strindberg on the shelves, I couldn’t quite square the presence of the Bruce Willis action movie (neatly stacked next to Kieslowski’s Decalogue) with the strenuously serious, forbiddingly austere Bergman of my imagination.

Well, why not?

[via The Guardian]




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