Omnivore: Double Album

Omnivore is a brief (and usually) weekly report on some of the things that I’ve been enjoying during the week.

For this special fortnight edition…

I’ve been listening to early Sonic Youth, some Bob Dylan, a couple of albums by the Beatles, and some Janelle Monáe. I’m also trying to get my hands on the new tUnE-YaRdS album.

I think I’ve only read one book this fortnight because it’s been ridiculously busy and I tend to slacken off a bit at the end of each semester. I’ve re-completed César Aira’s Ghosts.

I watched the new Evangelion movies in HD. I remember watching the original series when I was all of fourteen years old, and it left quite an impression. I didn’t rewatch the original series though I still have the VCDs (they were in fashion then) and based on my fuzzy impressions of it, the new movies are in some ways a major improvement. In my curmudgeonly perspective now, however, I could complain about a few things, which I won’t do so here.

One area that I can’t complain about, though, is the animation. Beautiful stuff.



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