Inside David Foster Wallace’s Books

To round off Unintentional David Foster Wallace week, here is a look at some of the annotations and doodles in the books that he owned, including the now rather famous doodle on Cormac McCarthy’s face.

[via Harry Ransom Center]

While you’re at the Harry Ransom Center, also check out this post by Molly Schwartzburg about David Foster Wallace’s library and certain connections to Infinite Jest. A brief excerpt:

Infinite Jest is a book about many things, and the mesmerizing power of movies is one of its most dominant themes. One of the book’s central figures is the late James O. Incandenza, an auteur whose filmography has left an indelible mark upon all of the novel’s characters in one way or another. Early in the novel, the reader learns of the extent of his importance in endnote 24. Endnote 24 comprises Incandenza’s entire filmography, which fills eight pages in tiny print. The reader discovers here that it is essential to actually read Wallace’s footnotes (spoiler alert), because only in this endnote do we learn that Infinite Jest is the title of an Incandenza film.

[via Harry Ransom Center]



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